This is 30- Life lessons I learned in my 20’s!

The big 30. I am so excited to turn 30.  To me 20’s was a time to figure it out, get it together, try and try again. But by 30 you are more settled you know who you are and is unapologetic about it. You also have a better idea of what you want out of life. I spent my 20’s doing just that- figuring things out. I graduated from Hampton University, moved around several times (NY, St. Maarten, and now Amsterdam), held several jobs, went back to school for my masters, traveled and in the past year got married and had a baby. God knows the amount of mistakes I made, memories I gained and lessons learned. I am entering this new decade with ambition, hope, and can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me. Entering a new decade does not mean I forget everything I have learned but instead hold on to what I learned and move smarter and better.

You are more powerful than you know! 

Man, I think I will always have to continuously remind myself of this. I am more than enough and I am powerful. Looking back I am amazed at the amount of times I thought I would just settle  and this must be it for me but I always got back up and kept fighting. Powerful is defined as someone having great power or strength. It takes power and strength to get up after being knocked down. Don’t doubt your power, your bravery, you are a fighter and you get what you want.

Let Go and Let God! 

I have wasted so much time worrying on things I have no control over.  I feared for my future that the visions that I have would not come to life. God has shown me dreams and visions that I thought was impossible but over and over again these visions have become my reality.  It is imperative to let go of fear, anxiety and doubt and let God take full control cause time and time again he delivers. Two years ago God showed me a vision that I was suppose to stay in Amsterdam. I accepted it as my truth but nothing I repeat Nothing was working out. I needed a job, housing, money and so much more I kept applying and worrying. My fear and doubt slowly started to creep in. I was barely sleeping and was super worried. I wish I could go back and take back all the doubt and fear I had, the sleepless nights and tears. No more, do I want to worry about yesterday but instead stand firm in God’s vision for my life.

Don’t force it! 

You ever put a puzzle together and one of the pieces won’t fit but you want it to so you press harder and push down but no matter what it looks weird and you know it’s not suppose to be there- well yeah don’t do that to your life.Particularly in relationships I think we often force them to work. We break all of our rules we over compromised just to please our partner.  When I met my husband nothing was force. We had natural chemistry, the relationship flourish on its own. There was no disrespect no need to put up with crap. I think of all my other relationships and yes some built character but some were unnecessary and pointless. Especially as women we think our clock is ticking and start doing the most for a date or to make a relationship work. But like a puzzle piece, don’t force it, let it happen organically.


Run your Race!  

I find myself repeating this to many students who just graduated and searching for the next.  In this social media era is it so hard not to compare yourself to your peers. But we each have our own paths to walk. It is imperative to run your race and not look left or right. Do not compare !


30’s is the new 20’s with a lot more confidence, freedom, and independence.