The 10 Commandments to an Awesome Girls Trip!

Everyone Loves a good Girl’s trip. It’s a nice way to reconnect with your girlfriends, see some new spots while building memories that will last a lifetime. Almost every year I have done a girls trip and just wrapped up this year’s one a few days ago. I have learned many things over the past years about girls and trips. Here are my ten commandments to planning and having a great Girls trip.


1. Thou Shall Pick carefully

First things first, pick the right set of people. This is commandant one for a reason. I don’t know how many times I have heard of a girls trip going wrong because people picked the wrong set of people.  Group dynamics mean everything. You want to make sure the people coming on the trip get along, and are on the same vibe. You might also want to set a rule where no one else is invited. Not be snobbish but it’s always that one extra or last minute invitee who seem to mess everything up.

Tip: Just because you guys are friends doesn’t mean she is a great travel buddy.

2. Thou shall Plan like your life depended on it.

Girls trip requires planning. If you’re like me with girlfriends all over the world you need to make sure you plan the dates way in advance. Choose the two people in the group that love planning and communicating but yet can listen to others suggestions. Remember to plan your dates, and activities wisely. I personally don’t believe in having every minute of every day planned but have an idea of what will happen and what to do next.

Brick Lane, London

3. Set a theme.

Set a theme for your girls trip.  Is a Touristic trip, Turn-up, Pampering, or straight Relaxing. Trust me this can solve many issues on a trip. Nothing is worse when one girlfriend wants to turn up and the other wants to visit the musuem 24/7.  It’s a remedy for disaster. Decide from the beginning what kind of trip this is. Of course you can make one day all about Attractions and another a pampering day but make sure this is communicated from the beginning.

4. Consider EVERYONE’S Budget.

Make sure to consider everyone’s budget when planning, and on the trip.  It really sucks to be that one girlfriend with no money. A girls trip is a team trip, don’t leave anyone out. If one person can’t do something because of finances than we all can’t do it. Also be careful not to make them feel bad or ashamed for their finances.  NOT COOL.

5. Thou shall Keep the Drama Away.

Why is it when girls get together people assume that drama must go down. Negative. Keep that drama away from the trip. Any negative vibes try and squash it before getting on that plane and to think of it if the vibe is so strong maybe you guys shouldn’t be heading on a trip to begin with. No one wants to pay money and be on an island arguing.

If drama does arise, squash it as fast as possible and move on. Bring your big girl panties and be mature.

San Antonio, Ibiza

6. Thou shall respect the PICS

Yes we live in a social media era, where if it’s not on the gram it didn’t happen. Sad but true. Some girlfriends might be more social media inclined than others but the key is being respectful of the pictures. For my picture obsessed girls  try and tone it down so that you don’t hold the group up every 10mins with your request for pictures. And for my “live in the moment” girls pucker up and try to be a good sport.

Also all group pictures are subject to approval from the whole group. #Sorrynotsorry.

The next three will help you to make your girls trip Memorable.

7. Make it Sentimentiable

No You don’t want to be a bucket of emotions throughout the whole trip. But pick a day or activity where you can  emotionally bond as girls and really reflect.

On one of my girls trip, my girls and I were in Rome, we had dinner at the resturant who invented Alfredo. We sat down and while we ate dessert we went around and said something we admired in each other. By the end of it, we were all in happy tears and having the biggest Kumbaya moment. It was phenomenal.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Spain

8. Oo You Fancy huh

Even if you are on a budget, plan a nice dinner or at least get fancy for it. Nothing like you and your girls slaying for dinner. Put on the black dresses, heels and enjoy the beauty of each other.

9. Play a Game.

I am such a sucker for Games. Game night is always fun. If you have time play a game that will have you laughing your belly out.

In Ibiza me and the girls had a bottle of Malibu left and decided that throughout the day whenever anyone said the word VIBE you had to take a shot. It was fun because the word VIBE is in every song these days and even when you don’t mean to it comes out.

10. Have Fun!!

Let your hair down, and just have fun. Build these precious memories with the girls you Love. #crewlove

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Spain

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