SHE 2017 Women’s Conference: Purpose

If you follow my social media pages, you have seen I recently attended a women’s conference hosted by my church CRC in London. I attended last year and seriously my life was not the same. It was truly moving and powerful. This year I attended with a friend and couldn’t wait to see what God had in store for me this year.

Well….of course God delivered the truth and motivation I needed.  I was filled with laughter, love and tears (I cried my eyelashes off).

The word that was continuously brought up was PURPOSE.  Purpose for people who have not identified theirs yet is kind of a scary word. People avoid it and hope one day an angel knocks on their door and delivers a letter assigning them their purpose and how to pursue it.  Its that word people run from….sometimes their whole life.

So what Exactly is it: Purpose by definition (google)

the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
During the conference I heard that word so much and although I have figured out my purpose, as of late I kind have been shying away from it, using words like tired, and break. But this conference was right what I needed to be re energize and focus.

Three takeaways I received about Purpose on the conference. 

Purpose and Dating
Marriage of course was a hot topic. I do not currently fall in this category but I definitely can apply it to dating. Dating a man with purpose is so important to me. If a man does not have purpose how can he lead, guide and protect during my relationship. So many times men and women walk around with no purpose and actually have hope that their mate will provide one for them. No Boo Boo. You need to have you’re own identity and purpose. Ladies and Gents let’s stop letting people come into our lives who do not know their Purpose much less a direction.
My, Our, We
PS Nyretta shared having purpose within your church, marriage, and for your family. I found that interesting, to have multiple purposes for different people in your life. I understood it as My purpose, Our purpose(husband+wife) and We purpose (family).  Again, although I am not married I can see and understand the importance of having a purpose with your spouse. This can be vital in creating a solid foundation.

The Fight of Purpose. 

Here is most definitely where I was impacted the most. You ever found your purpose and think everything should be smooth sailing after that. Like because it’s your purpose things should just be aligned. Well Honey BooBoo… No. You still have to work hard, fight, some doors will close and some will open but that’s the glory in life. You can’t give up. Get tired or settle for safe. Keep going!! Especially when the devil see you up to something he will try his darndest hardest to block you. He does not want you walking in your purpose, that will mean you are destiny bound, your fulfilled, and you are impactful. why would he want that. Remember he comes to steal kill and destroy. so yeah he will try rob your destiny, make you feel tired, weak and frustrated. Stayed Prayed up, and keep going. Don’t let him rob you. KEEP GOING.
Don’t Stop.. Get it Get it. (Uncle Luke)

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