Sex & the City: Mr. Big or Aidan. The Ultimate Face Off

For my none Sexy and the City Fans here is a quick synopsis 

Mr. Big- or shall we say John James Preston was a rich, handsome older man who really wasn’t the biggest fan of commitment. He was fun, fancy and supported Carrie’s  Prada dreams. He didn’t judge her for loving fashion, and industry events, He simply made Carries heart stop.

Aidan- Was your down to earth carpenter. He loved Carrie, looked at her with pure joy. He was not Mr. Big- he was warm, caring and was the guy everyone loved. Aiden was more simple he was the handy man that could care less with labels but did everything to make Carrie smile. He took it slow and wasn’t much of  a fan when Carrie wanted to have sex 2 weeks after dating

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Who Would you pick?

I recently had this situation happen to me and after several talks with my girlfriends it was pretty clear I was in a Big- Aidan situation.  In theory we want someone that loves us, and would go to the moon and back but I think it is equally important to be yourself and love that person just as much. You see Aidan was not Carrie, she loved Aidan for how he loved her. I think many women settle in the How he loves me relationship. For me it is equally important about how you love him.

But the question of who you would pick isn’t simply answered by A or B it is more of what you like. For some Aidan is the dream guy and for others Mr. Big is the dream, But what is most important is following what your heart desires. I have never been someone to settle so to me to settle in a relationship is absurd. I believe if Carrie would have stayed with Aidan her heart would have always longed for Mr. Big, even if she would have gotten over him her heart would have fluttered every time someone of his  manner would have passed by. Nothing is worse then people in relationships who feel like they settled. The first couple years they mask their feelings but after while their heart longs for more. I have seen this happen and this not healthy for no one. 

So although Mr.Big was a total ASS and put Carrie through a lot, Aidan was not the one either. Carrie needed more and too me settling is nerve the answer.

Agree or Disagree. Share your thoughts.

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