Master’s Degree- Is it worth it??

Today I officially picked up my Masters degree, technically I was done over 6 months ago but today was the official closing.  I didn’t attend graduation or anything like that, it really was a moment of collecting the paper and walking out the building.

Almost two years ago, I left a job, apartment, sold my car and moved to Amsterdam to pursue my Masters. The time was now or never. I always wanted to get my Masters and was at a place in my life where I needed a fresh start. I was hating my job and was fresh off a break up.  So I applied and got into the VU in Amsterdam and 6 months later was a resident and starting school again after four years.

The move was difficult I can write a whole post about the obstacles that came my way when I moved here. Before classes even began we had articles to read and an assignment due that week.  I started to panic and wondered WTH did I get myself into. A year went by of reading hundred of articles, studying endless nights, analyzing data, and writing a thesis that added years to my life.

Ok. So here is the question…Was it worth it??

In the end, If I could do it all over  again  I would do it differently. I would actually do it part time and continue to work.  Why- because it is really difficult leaving the working field  and starting over. Getting accustomed to being a student again with no income was hard. Even harder is now applying and getting back into the working field.  I am happy and grateful to have successfully completed my MSc but can’t wait to get on with it. Especially being 27 you feel a rush and anxiety to  jump back in there.  Here is the thing, you are now bursting with all this knowledge and waiting to use it. What happens most of the time you get an entry level position that only requires you to use a quarter of what you learned. Most graduates often feel frustrated but trust you are not alone many grads are singing the same blues so keep on going and don’t give up.

Education wise I am definitely much more knowledgeable than before. My Masters program taught me how to think on another level and allowed me to analyze problems, with a better degree of theory, consumer behavior, and data analyzations. I am more confident in research and can thoroughly assess and develop policies and an execution plan. So on a skill, research, and education level. Totally Worth it!!

I would love to hear from others about their experiences and if they thought it was worth it? Looking forward to updating this post in another 6 months- year. Was any of  the knowledge even used, did companies take your degree into account.


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