How to do Ibiza on a Budget

Ibiza the beautiful island off the coast of Spain, known for it’s beaches, parties, and non stop fun. I honestly went for the beaches as my proud grandma-self  cannot handle partying. While planning the trip the group and I was nervous about the cost of Ibiza as it is known to be expensive, and it certainly didn’t help that we went in August which is peak visiting times.

However we were surprise to how affordable things can be. We were there for 3 days and spent less than 200 (inc. taxi, food, excursion, party) Here are my tips for saving on cash in Ibiza. 

A Church, in San Antonio Ibiza

Hotel. Research your area and hotel. we stayed at Aparthotel del Mar in the area of San Antonio. While I must admit I was not loving our hotel choice it definitely was a good area.  I recommend this area because it gave us access to the “cheaper” but just as beautiful side of town and allowed us to easily walked to the hot spots. Make sure to research the area you’re in to ensure you have affordable dining options near by.

Dining. Our dining was key in keeping our budget down. There were great options near our hotels that super affordable. We had breakfast for less than 10 euros. Breakfast is relatively cheap at most places. So you can have a late breakfast which can last you while, and later check out local shops for lunch. Don’t be afraid to go into a supermarket pick up a sandwich, juice, some snacks, and even drinks for the beach. The supermarkets were all moderately priced. Before heading on the beach one day we got our lunch and drinks from the supermarket boarded the boat and was able to relax the whole day. For dinner we allowed ourselves to splurge a little. 

Nightlife. It’s only right you explore Ibiza’s nightlife. We first walked around on the San Antonio club strip. While walking you will be approached by all kinds of promoters trying to sell you the best deal possible to party at their club. Listen to them discuss with your group and pick the best offer for your group. For 15 euros each my friends and I got entry to a club, a bottle Vodka (don’t remember what)the juices to go with it and shots for each of us. It was a steal of a deal especially when I payed $20  or more to  just enter club anywhere else.

Public Transportation. If you want to explore other parts of town try public transportation. We took the bus to Ibiza town and it was cheap less than 2£ per person and we were there in a jiffy.Taking public transportation cut down on cost tremendously. Also make sure to buy beach towels from local shops, or better yet bring one from home.

Beach. If you visit the beach opt for renting an umbrella from locals walking around. This will be cheaper than  renting a chair  from a restaurant or beach club.

I hope these tips help. It would have taken some pressure off of me if I knew this before.

Comment below and let me know if you have any other tips and how these worked out for you!





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