Goals Goals Goals Goals: Goals I do adore. Writing and defining your 2018 Goals

Ok. Its Jan 2018. You know the time of year for.. New Year New Me!! The worse.. I know. However a new year is a good time to reset your button. I am a firm believer in vision boards. Vision boards is not only fun to create but also allows me to sit down and really write out what I want. I am proud to say this method has worked for me the past few years. I create my vision board place it somewhere I look at everyday and go after it. Some people feel like the constant reminder is too much pressure but for me it is just right. It forces me to constantly think of the goal at hand. Trust me, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any obstacles but it forces me to continue to look at the bigger picture. There is something powerful about writing things down- it suddenly becomes real.


2017 I managed to knock out most of my goals. Starting a new career, launching this blog and others were at the top of my list and I did it! Some I didn’t accomplish such as traveling to South Africa, and running a marathon. However for the goals I don’t accomplish I typically have a good reason why I didn’t accomplish them. Trip to SA was unreasonable due to a start of a new job, and running a marathon- really there is no excuse. 

The past five years I have taken these steps every January to iron out and implement my goals. 

1. Write out all your ideas, plans, and goals you want to accomplish.

Take all those ideas buzzing in your head and write it down. All your wildest thoughts, dreams, and ideas write it down.

2. Organize them in categories

Next- put them categories. Mine typically includes, Career, Travel, Fitness, Purchases and Spirituality. Putting them in categories help you see where you you may be focusing on one area of your life and maybe not  enough focus on another area of your life. 

3. Organize them by month, or season.

Next think of your timeline. Be practical and set realistic goals. Consider your other goals make sure they don’t interfere or collide with each other.


4. Pray/ Meditate and Evaluate

It is a good idea to pray and meditate on your goals. Don’t rush the process but don’t take long either. I normally take a weekend to pray and seek guidance on my goals. If you are spiritual it is worthwhile to check in with the big man upstairs. Fasting on your goals is really the ultimate idea. 

5. Post it

Next, time to get creative. Once you have narrowed down your goals, organize them, categorize them, and prayed on them it’s now time to write it down permanently . I like to get creative and put it on nice paper (mine was Gold last year) then I place some pictures and quotes on it. You can get some nice color pens, highlighters- really make it yours.  If you can draw that will also be nice. But I can’t draw to save my life. Finally post the board where you can see it everyday. Last year I posted mine on the wall in front of my bed. From the moment I open my eyes there it was.


Only one thing Left to do is now….

Slay Those goals.

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