Giving Birth in the Netherlands- All you need to know and my experience! (Part 2) Labor and Delivery.

I truly had a movie experience with my water breaking. it happened 4:30 AM and I jumped out out of bed to see if what I was feeling was real. I quickly woke my husband up who jumped out of bed and shared the excitement with me that this was really happening. I was exactly one week early from my due date but knew this was happening. I first called my mom, followed by my brother and mother in law. We waited till about 7 Am to call the midwives. Anywho, I do love talking about my delivery story but will save that for another time this is more about the logistics after giving birth.

Calling the Midwife! 

In the Netherlands you do most of the labour at home. That was also new to me, I always read of women running to the delivery room as soon as their water breaks. But not in the Netherlands, under normal circumstances the midwives come visit you at home they check how many cm you are and when they deemed you are close or if you demand they call the hospital and schedule your intake.

Story-time: All the hospitals in Amsterdam was full when it was my time to go the hospital so I gave birth in Blaircum.

Once you get home from giving birth the midwife comes and check on you about every other day for a week. The make sure you are healing properly and also make sure baby is ok. The week after giving birth my house was a revolving door, between the midwife, kraamzorg, family and deliveries my bell was on fire. One thing for sure I did feel loved and well taken care of.

Calling the Kraamzorg

Our Kraamzorg asked that we called them before we left the hospital. However seeing how busy it was giving birth in Amsterdam my husband called the Kraamzorg from the time we entered the hospital as a heads up and called again when we were leaving. We got home around 10 in the morning and by noon they were by my house ready to help. (What is a Kraamzorg- Check out part I)

My Kraamzorg was the De Kleine Amsterdammer I was very happy with the service provided.

Lactation Consult: 

Can I be honest I thought lactation consult was kind of bogus but now I am a believer. I do not think women talk enough about how hard breastfeeding can be. It doesn’t come that natural. Right after giving birth the baby is placed on the boobs. In my case we tried right away, the next morning and on and off again with for 2 days. I was getting angry and started to think this was not for me, I mean after all you have someone squeezing your boob and a baby who is getting angry. I hated it. However once my lacation consult came in and felt at ease. Her spirit was so calming and she gently showed me what to do. I didn’t feel judge and really appreciated her patience and gentleness. From that point on the bay latched on and I become a breastfeeding mommy. The De Boezemvriend was my consults.

Tip: Talk to your Kraamzorg to have the lactation consult come as part as the Kraamzorg hours, that way insurance covers it.

Registering the Baby: 

3 days after the baby is born you must register the birth with the Gemeentee. The dad can do this on his own, so mommy stay home and rest.

Picture time: 

So I definitely wanted a newborn photo-shoot. However I waited till she was 2 month which is not ideal. Apparently the best time is from 4- 14 days. At around 2 months the baby is more aware and can become a little more fussy then a 2 week baby who you can move them a little more and stay sleeping.