5 Reasons to Visit St. Maarten

I recently visited my beautiful island of St. Maarten. I say ‘my’ because I was born there and to me that represents home. Although I do not live there now (currently in AMS) I go back often and when I do I try to do as much touristic things as possible. Normally when you live in a country people visiting always seem to know more ‘beautiful places’ in your country then you do. But I always try to make it my duty to experience my island in the eyes of visitors. Here are my top 5 reason to visit St. Maarten from a local and visitor point of view ;

1. The Culture

I mean what other country can be so unique in what it has to offer, 37 square miles, 2 countries, one people.

St. Maarten is part French (St.Martin) , part Dutch. Actually St. Maarten is the smallest island in the world to be divided into two countries. 

Official language is French on the french side and Dutch and English on the Dutch side. 

2. The Perfect Hub

SXM is the perfect Caribbean Hub. Anguilla is literally a 30 minute boat ride away and you can easily reach other islands such as Statia, Saba, and St. Barths. You can go for a day trip or spend a night. I decided to go to Anguilla for the day. I took the boat located in Marigot ($40 round trip). We rented a car because a taxi is very expensive and the island is small enough to navigate. If you are up for an adventure I suggest this option, FYI you drive on the left side.


First stop was Zumi Beach resort.

Zumi Beach resort was extremely beautiful. This resort look so tranquil and will make you feel totally at peace. We had lunch there and lounge around a little on the beach .

Next Stop, The Reef By Cuisinart- another beautiful resort, reminded me of Greece. There we relaxed by the pool, had some cocktails and a second lunch (don’t judge). By 5 we headed back to take the last boat to St.Maarten! Anguilla will see me again.

3. Beaches, Beaches and more Beaches.

St. Maarten is filled with beaches. Over 33, I mean how awesome is that. One of my favorite things to do is go to the beach, order a cocktail/beer and just chill. Read a book, order food, take a dip and do it all over again. I even caught myself running to the beach even if it’s just for a hour. My personal favorite beaches are: Mullet Bay, Friars Bay, and  Grand Case beach.

4. Great Cuisine

FOOD!!!! Who doesn’t love food. Traveling to a melting pot as St. Maarten allows you to have food from all over the world. Caribbean food is known for its flavors. I really enjoy that I can find all the American dishes I love and still enjoy local cuisine.  It’s the perfect combination!

Chesterfield (Philipsburg, SXM)

Zemi Beach House (Anguilla)

KOKONUTS (Philipsburg, SXM)













5. Amazing nightlife

A day full of adventure and a night full of life! That is exactly what this island offers. Between restaurants with live entertainment and clubs with international DJs they have it all. Trust me you will not be disappointed.


St. Maarten should be top of your list to visit, there’s something for everyone. Check out these videos which also highlights the best of SXM!

St. Martin: The friendly island

Magic of the Caribbean- St. Maarten



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